Oral Hygiene and Maintenance

Maintain Oral Health Dental Services in Dumfries

Direct access

GK Dental Implant and Cosmetic Clinic offers direct access for hygiene appointments. This means that anyone can book an appointment for a hygiene without needing a referral from a dentist. Our clinicians are highly qualified to provide preventative dental care, including scaling and polishing, oral health education, and periodontal advice. This service is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are registered at our practice or not.

Classic Clean

30 mins
Ideal option for individuals who want the popular ‘Scale & Polish’ to maintain their oral hygiene.

Diamond Clean

30 mins
This appointment is perfect for individuals who want a thorough clean to remove stains, plaque and calculus. Ideal if you have not had a clean in a while and/or your gums bleed.

Pearl Clean

45 mins
A meticulous clean for those prone to disease and those with stubborn stains caused by foods, drinks, or tobacco.

Total Clean

60 mins
Ideal for individuals with complex dental needs, those who have not had a dental cleaning in an extended period, or those who are preparing for extensive dental work.
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These prices & offers are only available for direct access with our dental care professionals (dental therapists and/or dental hygienists) Deposits will be required for bookings