Are Private Fillings Better Than NHS? Complete Guide

private dental fillings

Are Private Fillings Better Than NHS? Complete Guide

Deciding between private dental fillings and those from the NHS can be quite the ponder. Many folks in the UK find themselves mulling over this decision when they face dental issues. So, let’s have a natter about whether private fillings hold any advantage over those you’d get from the NHS.

What Are NHS Dental Fillings?

First, the NHS offers dental treatments. They aim to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and pain-free. The focus is firmly on clinical need, which means the NHS doesn’t cover cosmetic treatments. The cost for NHS dental care is fixed into three bands, depending on the type of treatment you need.

For fillings and other routine care, you’re looking at a band 2 charge. This fee includes your exam and diagnosis. It also includes the fillings. Plus, it covers extra treatment like a scale and polish. The dentist will only do these if they are necessary.

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What About Private Dental Fillings?

If you opt for private treatment, you might find that your dentist offers you more options. Private dentists can use more attractive materials. But, these materials might not be on the NHS. For example, tooth-colored fillings in back teeth are common privately. But, they are limited under NHS treatments. This depends on where they’re placed and the dentist’s choice.

Private care also means more flexible appointment times. They also have shorter waits and longer, unrushed appointments.

The Cost Difference

There’s no shying away from the fact that private dental care often costs more than NHS services. The price for private fillings can vary widely. It depends on the material used and the dentist’s pricing. While NHS prices are capped and predictable, private treatment costs can be a bit more up in the air.

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Pros of Private Fillings

  1. Material Choices: Private dentists may offer materials like composite or porcelain for fillings. These materials can be matched to the color of your teeth, for a more natural look.
  2. Flexible Scheduling: Private clinics often have more flexible scheduling. They offer appointments at times that are better for you, like late evenings or weekends.
  3. Personalised Care: Doctors may have more time for each patient. So, the care can feel more tailored and less hurried.

Pros of NHS Fillings

  1. Cost-Effective: NHS treatments are generally more affordable, especially if you’re looking at basic NHS dental care.
  2. Standard of Care: The NHS maintains a standard that ensures you get the care you need, not just what you can afford or desire aesthetically.
  3. Widely Accessible: With many NHS dentists available, access is easier for everyone, regardless of income.

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Which Should You Choose?

The choice is often between NHS and private fillings. It comes down to the person’s needs and situation. If you’re after a more cosmetic option and don’t mind paying extra for it, private could be the way to go. However, for those focused on functional, necessary care at a regulated cost, the NHS is a solid choice.


Both NHS and private dental treatments have their merits. You might lean toward private fillings. This is if you highly value looks and convenience. However, for essential dental care that’s affordable, the NHS is hard to beat.

When considering dental treatments, think about what matters most to you. These include cost, convenience, and how the treatment looks. A chat with your dentist might also help clear the fog, letting you make the best choice for your pearly whites!

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