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Affordable Dentistry

Introducing our own ‘Midway Plan’ at Great King St Dental. This will provide an affordable way to register with us and maintain your oral health.


Our Midway Plan

Affordable dentistry


Under the current circumstances, it has been extremely challenging and frustrating to provide our patients with the highest standard of dental care they require and deserve due to the restrictions placed on NHS dentistry by the Scottish Government.

Currently, there are only very limited NHS treatments available at this time and we have no indication when regular service will continue. We want to offer our patients; the highest quality of treatment, free from NHS rules and regulations, treatment in a timely and appropriate manner, free from NHS waiting times and restrictions.

Our Midway Plan will allow us to attend to you in a timely manner and provide affordable treatment to you. Limited places only.

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What is the Midway Plan?

Most patients are stuck with two choices: 
Go private and pay expensive costs or wait months/years to be seen by an NHS dentist because of the huge waiting lists.

We understand that NHS patients may not be able to afford private treatment which means they have to wait months to be registered or months to be seen on the NHS. This plan has been introduced to allow patients to be attended to in an appropriate and timely manner but also at an affordable price. This plan will allow you to register with us and book an appointment quickly to help us identify/resolve any oral problems you may be facing.

You will be registered as a Private patient, however, the treatments offered will be much more cost effective. Yes, you will have to invest a fraction more than you would on the NHS, but it will be much cheaper than private prices and you will be attended to in a timely manner.

We will always be transparent and open about the fees involved.

Treatment Fees

New Patient Examination (bitewings included)


Emergency (X-rays included)


Examination with X-rays included (registered)


Scale & Polish


White Filling

From £45


From £55

Root Canal Treatment

From £150


From £350

Only pay for what you need

Frequently Asked Questions

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